Here is a great introductory tutorial from Vimeo Video School. Now some of you might ask, “why bother learning about prime lenses when I have a zoom on my video camera?”

That is a great question. You gotta know your prime lenses though, because they help you select your shots if you are using a zoom lens. You also never know when you will be working on a gig where they request the use prime lenses. And yes, that is a rare occurrence.

Behind the Glass Part 1: An Intro to Lenses from Vimeo Staff on Vimeo.

For the rest of the lesson go to Behind the Glass Part 1: An Introduction to Lenses. They have a breakdown of the different terms related to lenses and they also have a neat diagram that gives you perspective on the change in image size from a 16mm lens to a 200mm lens and all the other prime lenses in between.

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