So apparently music videos are now getting leaked. I saw something on my Twitter stream about the release of the Monster video and I, of course, had to check it out (although I haven’t gotten it together to watch the full version of Runaway video.) The first thing that struck me was that the editing of the video felt unfinished somehow. Whether is is the special effects or the acting or the shot sequence, it doesn’t quite come together. Rihanna’s Disturbia (which is of the similar fashion horror genre) is miles more accomplished than the current state of Monster.

Then reports started coming out that the video had been leaked and that we should look forward to a more polished version. So in addition to the sigh of relief that there is something better down the pike, it will also be great to see what changes and what stays the same when an official version of the video comes out. Nicki Minaj steals the show in the video as she does on the song itself. She gets something like 31 bars on this song and blows it out the water. I love the dual Nickis (dominatrix Nicki vs. fairy tale Nicki) which perfectly dramatizes the extremes of the persona she has crafted. Kanye West is good on the song but just ok in the video. How does one get a shirtless Kanye being fondled by model hands through a gate wrong??? Jay-Z coast, but Rick Ross “the Boss” (you have to say it with the accent) kicks the butt of the 2-4 bars (is his rap that short?) he gets with a great introductory rap.

I could not find out who directed this but will update as soon as I do. I look forward to the finished video. Enjoy!

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