I had the honor of seeing the new film The Attack at a Sundance screening earlier this week.  What a wonderful movie.  Check out my full review of the movie below and go checkout the film.

The Attack (102 min)
Director: Ziad Doueiri
Cast: Ali Suliman, Evgenia Dodena, Reymond Amsalem

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  1. Charles Ritter

    I thought this movie should have introduced the wife as a character before killing her off. They seemed to short change her from his perspective.

  2. ndlela

    Hey Charles. Thanks for the comment. I hear what you are saying but I disagree. If the main question of the film is who she really was and she indeed loved him then we have to discover those things as he discovers them. I do feel that even though we find out the answers with the videos he finally sees we could have seen more of her and gotten to know her better both in flashback and in what he discovers in his journey back home. Curious to know what you think of this.

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