Happy April Fools!

So there I was minding my own business at the writing workshop (<- best workshops evah!!) I am a part of when Annique (one of my fellow writers) told me about a challenge she had thought up.  Her goal was to make 30 films in 30 days in April. The films wouldn’t necessarily be for public consumption but was rather to get her making films more often. I of course decided to take it on (with modifications.)  My plan is to make/share a film on at least the even dates in April unless I pre-empt that with an odd day film like I did today.

I shot today’s film Dreams: Breakfast Tease this morning.  I hope you like it.

Camera: iPhone 5c
Editing System: Final Cut Pro X

I look forward to this April adventure.

April Challenge

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  1. chabi

    Wow dude. That was awesome. I want to bounce something off u that incorporates short clips like this to sell a lifestyle.

    But wow, Ndlela…
    What u do is pretty amazing. Love u and keep em coming coz I want to show Amogelang, expecially

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