This is part of an interview I did with my my friend actress Burnadair Lipscomb-Hunt earlier this year.

Part of the reason I shot this was to show my production/editing students how an interview with no crew and a mix of the quality of equipment can turn out. I ended up shooting this with a Sony PMW-200*, Cannon Vixia HV40 (miniDV camera! gasp!) and an iPhone 5c (double gasp!.) Because I had just returned from a flight from California after Ibrahim died, I totally forgot the lights at home. Needless to say, the Vixia and 5c hated the lack of light. My students vetoed all the 5c footage (which was a closeup on me) and I totally agreed with them.

The interview ended being fun to do and just what the doctor ordered after a difficult four weeks. Even though I am not a wine person, I am now all in favor of the wine/interview combo. Thanks to Burnadair and Jay for their patience and generosity with this interview.

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