Happy 420 2024

Leaf of Cannabis
Happy 420!

There has been lots of progress across the world around decriminalizing weed and still people are being arrested for buying, selling and consuming weed.

Things are still a mess in New York City and New York State. After the incompetent implementation of the weed law and the proliferation of unlicensed weed shops, the city and state are trying to do a crackdown on stores.  It is not going well.

Three cheers for the bodegas that have allegedly been the most consistent place to buy weed in the past two years.

Here are a few links of some US weed organizations.

This year I sent 420 wishes to my non-US people to see if it would translate without context. It mostly didn’t translate. Once it was explained to the D-M-Y [date format] people (most of the world) they appraised the day.  I need to read up why the US, Belize and Micronesia uses use the M-D-Y format.

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