Benmore Gardens, Johannesburg

I wrote 1 page almost everyday this month which was wonderful for getting back into the game. I did totally drop the ball when it came to reporting back on here about my progress. Something that kept coming up in the writing was the internet interview show I have been threatening to do for a while now. The great thing about consistently bitching about something on paper is that after a while you either have to do it or shut up.

So about the third week of November, I started using my Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera [affiliate link] to do private video journaling/blogging as a test and a practice for the project. It has been tough watching myself and making adjustments but I am learning a lot. Funny how being on the back of the camera doesn’t really prepare you for actually being on camera or rather it doesn’t help you prepare for reviewing that footage. The past two weeks have been more humbling than I thought they would be as I think of all the folks that I have directed. I will start putting up more video of things I have shot over the past couple of months and some of the new stuff.

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