It has been fun looking for and watching short films by directors who currently have feature films out. Those early efforts are inspirational because of how far they have come artistically and because we get to see what they were able to bring to life with whatever resources they had at their disposals. I ran across Rian Johnson‘s short film “Evil Demon Golfball from Hell” (1996) recently and loved it. He has since directed Brick (2005), The Brothers Bloom (2008) and a couple of episodes of the TV shows Terriers and Breaking Bad (!!!). His current film is Looper [IMDB] starring Bruce Willis and (one of my favorites) Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

I have not been able to find his other short film Ben Boyer and the Phenomenology of Automobile anywhere. If anyone knows where I can watch/buy a copy, please let me know.

I can’t wait to see Looper. Enjoy.

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