This is my third public video in the April Film challenge.

I was finally able to get some bike footage with my GoPro after dealing with the frustration of having SD card errors for several days (very frustrating!!!.)  Some of the things I wanted to investigate were how shaky the footage would be if the camera was on the handlebars (it was shaky and too loud) and what the post-production workflow with GoPro footage to Final Cut Pro X is (still figuring that out.)  I shot most of this footage in Parkchester and doubled the speed of the original footage.  I hope you enjoy this.

Camera: GoPro Hero4 Black (1080p/60fps/wide view)
Editing System: Final Cut Pro X
Music: Drop (song) | Blueberry Hill (album) by Boogie Belgique

I would also like to figure out the GoPro to Final Cut Pro X workflow because a 2GB GroPro file ended up becoming a 35GB file in Final Cut Pro X.

As you can see, pothole season is well upon us.  I hope the DOT is able to fix them soon. I look forward to shooting more bike footage.

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