Ah . . . to be a fly on the wall.

worlds_richest Apparently, the richest people in the US had a secret meeting in New York earlier this month to talk about poverty and philanthropy. The group included Oprah, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Ted Turner and Michael R. Bloomberg. That was apparently $125 billion in one room.

The headlines related to this got me all suspicious and paranoid about what was being planned for the rest of us mere mortals. Because I am so gullible though, when I saw Oprah’s name included I was like “Oh, it must be all for good.” I would love to know what exactly was discussed and what had to happen to make the meeting a reality. Also, that menu must have been amazing!

Check out the ABC News report on it here. Drop me a line if you got your info and you went. Or if you were able to sneak in.

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