Here is my review of We Are What We Are [facebook] directed by Jim Mickle and starring Bill Sage, Ambyr Childers and Julia Garner. The film is released by Entertainment One.

We Are What We Are: 105 min

These picture are from the screening and Q&A I attended. The audience was so stunned when the film ended that there was no audible response. People just sat there frozen. That was funny to experience.

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  1. katherin

    great review even though i can’t watch horror movies!

  2. ruairihair

    Cheers for the review, will be sure to go see both this version and the Mexican original. All the best.

  3. Donald Stafford

    how did u see this i found it on a streeming bootleg sight was it in theaters it was so good

  4. Johnson Sonitos

    We Are What We Are (2013)Genre: Drama / Horror / ThrillerSite:

  5. ndlela

    i am having a hard time finding the Mexican version again.


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